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Inspired by the robust yet elegant lines of Roman architecture, our Deva range of slimline glass infrared heater is available in a beautiful range of stock finishes, from Roman red through to a stunning mirror finish.

Each heater is individually manufactured ensuring premium quality to enhance and add to the interior decoration of your home or office. Designed with gently rounded corners and beautiful minimalist lines and edges, the Deva range of infrared heaters will provide you with an understated elegance and a deliciously comfortable heat.

Available in a range of wattages to suit the space you want to heat (please use our calculator to indicate the wattage of heater you require) each slimline glass infrared heater extends only 3cm from the wall enhancing that stylish and sophisticated interior design.

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300mm x 1200mm, 300mm x 1800mm, 300mm x 600mm, 450mm x 750mm, 600mm x 1200mm, 600mm x 1800mm, 600mm x 900mm, 750mm x 1200mm


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